Four different personalities, four opinions, but with a common love for talking and a passion for travel. We can be each other’s spokesperson and travel buddy rolled into one. Thus, what started as a dream became Click Plus International.



On Our School

Our school will ensure that our English classes are higly organized, efficient and fun. We will make sure to address your needs be it English exams preparation in your school, job interview preparations and business/ corporate English.

We are much concern of the comfort of our students thus this offer of an online Skype English tutorial. With this kind of learning, the student can avail of lessons similar if not much better than of a regular school at the comfort of their own homes/ offices. With a modern system like Skype, one can start learning the language in whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for the student.

We operate on a one-on-one teaching method which we believe is more efficient in learning a language. One-one-one teaching method allows student to develop a good relationship with the Instructor so the student can personally share his/ her thought and difficulties about the learning.

Our lessons are geared towards beginners’ level up to the most advanced level. The students will be given an assessment tests to determine their entry level.

We offer the following courses HERE.

On Travel

Much as we enjoy travelling, we want to impart that joy to the world. Thus, we commit to provide the various needs of both local and foreign travelers. We aim to delight our clients by providing good value for their money.

We offer the following services on travel:

  • Hotel and Resorts reservations
  • Daily City tours
  • All in Domestic Package
  • All in International Package

You, where would you like to find yourself tomorrow?